Melbourne Construction Developers Hacer Group required a photo management system that would easily capture and manage projects both on site and at Hacer's main office.
The system needed to manage warranty and insurance matters that frequently occur on site during the construction process.

Take photo

Send to email

Open email on computer

Download to desktop

Upload to database



Take photo

Submit to database

The Process

The previous system required the site manager to take photos of the subject, which would then be emailed to his or her email address. Collecting the data on a laptop, they would then transfer the emailed photos into a very basic database system, hosted at Hacer's main office.

The technologies employed by this management system meant that the process of sending a tagged photo and transferring it to the photo repository took longer than required.

Furthermore, the limited user access to the database portal meant that the task could only be completed by the site manager.


After analysing the existing technologies and discussing Hacer's needs, we were able to put in place a mobile web app that could access the camera and photo library of a smartphone.

Secure Login


Add Photos

Access Camera / Photo Library

Upload Files

Photo Repository

The second half of the solution entailed a database that would store photos & enable users to access the photos at a later date.

We created a system based on interfaces of commonly used image libraries, such as iStock photo, and tailored the search engine to complement the collected data and the required company procedures.

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